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Alana Kaye Group (Alana Kaye Training) is a registered training organisation (registered with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) – National RTO ID: 70056). We provide training and consulting services in leadership and management, business, training and assessment, quality auditing, children’s services, education, project management, human resource management and work health and safety to public and private organisations across Australia.

Alana Kaye's philosophy is based on the principle that organisations achieve the highest level of performance when they are staffed with the right people, with the right skills, right knowledge and behaviours to allow them to achieve their organisational strategic goals.

Through Alana Kaye’s programs, we can offer opportunities to adults who wish to change careers, upskill for promotion or are just ready to learn. Our programs are designed to be interactive, industry supportive, flexible, current, and a stepping-stone to further studies if you wish.  Our programs are designed to introduce students to learning and to build up competencies progressively.

Alana Kaye Training understands that training solutions must be customised to answer the diverse demands of industry. Accordingly, we tailor our nationally accredited programs to ensure that participants access skills learning that targets their particular professional needs.

Alana Kaye also works closely with higher education providers to offer a pathway forward to ensure that our students’ future goals and prospects are achievable. 

Our Philosophy

"Finding and training people to take your business forward"

Our Vision

This organisation is about our clients, and it is our vision to be an organisation based on quality and excellence and one that is always in demand.

This vision will be achieved by:

  • Spending time with our clients to ascertain their needs
  • Providing quality resources and services that meet our client's needs
  • Provide our staff with professional development to ensure we remain 'the best in the business'
  • Encourage feedback to ensure continuous improvement

Our Values

It is important that we remain firm with our values and work within a culture that is beneficial and enjoyable for staff and clients. Our values include:

  • Consideration and respect for all of our clients, staff, providers and visitors
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency at all times
  • The demonstration of initiative to efficiently utilise organisational resources, improve our systems and help others improve their effectiveness

Alana Kaye connects, advises, and supports organisations and their employees, all for mutual success. Our specialised workforce planning and development s​olutions help to turn employees into great performers to help you with your business.